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Go Over Spice Market

Brainchild of Chiquita and Sandeep Gulati, Spice Market definitely sets the route for a spicy Indian treat. With spice jars and sacks on display with the straw-mat ceiling and thatched walls, its ambience affirms to the picture of a Rajasthani souk. Seating arrangement is a mishmash of fine dinning bistros with comfy sofas and chairs, on one side and roadside dhabas with wooden benches, on the other. Its one of the few places in the capital where your ears gets to listen to the Indian Folk music in the company of latest Bollywood tracks.

We advanced ourselves to the corner most table of the row, from here the view of the kitchen was most apparent. Penned on a handmade paper, the menu is weighty on the meat varieties and lean on the vegetarian side. But, nobody seems to be crabby about it. We started off with their signature shikanjee, the classic recipe muddled with tangy masala was refreshing. Then, we set our sight on starters and ordered a murgh tikka platter, pathar ke kebab, rajma ke shammi and Paneer tikka platter. The tikka platters were filling, and tasted of their covering in every crunch of it. The shammi was melt-in-the-mouth and gave us the flavour of vegetarian flesh.

Our mains were Lal Maas, Kolhapuri sukha chicken, Rajasthani gatta curry and dal makhani. The maas was fiery preparation with hearty dose of red chillies but easy on stomach and superlative in taste. Sukha chicken was a dry preparation where pieces were wrapped in mash of onions and tomatoes that surely delighted our otherwise fiery taste buds. Curry and Dal were passable but not a passé.
Still hungry, we pleased our sweet desire with the dessert sampler where we were offered with fresh mango shrikhand, phirni, shahi tukda and gulab jamun. Our best pick was gulkand phirni, a thick froth of homemade gulkand and condensed milk and chocolate and roasted almonds infused Gulab jamuns, which felt heavenly once inside the mouth. We’ll definitely be back, if not for spices, surely for value for money food.

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