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Absolut launches its stylish Rock Limited

Straight out of a surreal story book is a an experience that ABSOLUT creates for Delhi tonight at the launch of its very first limited edition in India – ABSOLUT Rock Edition at the Jolly Ice and Cold Storage. If the words above don’t describe the picture, there is only one other way. To see is to believe!
Friends of Absolut and host Manish Arora traveled in their woolens to the icy venue and into the unexpected!
For those who dared to venture into the venue without their gear, Absolut was generous in offering them whacky silver fleece Absolut jackets for the evening!

The Jolly Ice and Cold Storage was transformed into a story book evening replete with ice, magic and music. Guests were greeted at the door with an Absolut Ice bar. Complete with ice benches and tables, everything was like nothing anyone in Delhi had experienced before.

Heading upstairs was a sight for sore eyes…Raven the magician, buried in ice for two hours! If that wasn’t enough, whacky card tricks, eating of hot iron rods, elevation of coins, the Absolut bottle being suspended in mid air left the audience breathless. Then to warm up the body Absolut treated guests to rock music by DJ Jayant and then to the Electronic sounds of DJ Mathew Johnson who was flown to India especially by Absolut and Delhi’s own Crimson, for this picture perfect party.
Perfect Ice…Perfect Rock –ABSOLUT Magic!
Absolut Rock travels to Mumbai and Bangalore later this month in other unique formats
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