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The Great Mexican Beer is here

Beer must have never had tasted so better. Sol, a Mexican beer, is surely going to make you repeat these words. An extremely refreshing lager, Sol is unlike other beers with a secret ingredient that makes it so wonderful!

Legend has it that in a morning of 1899, in an old factory near Mexico City, named ‘Salto del Agua’ (the water spring), a German brew master noticed a ray of sunlight falling over his brewing pot which attracted his attention and he decided to name his beer ‘El Sol’ (the Sun in Spanish).

The original Mexican beer, Sol, is light and goes down easy, probably the best on a hot summer day. It is generally served in a 12 or 7 oz bottle and often served with a lime and exported throughout the world. It comes in a trendy clear glass bottle which shows of the bright yellow liquid within. Another delightful thing to notice about this beer is that it has a consistent froth layer and stays till the last sip…which means no clusters of vanishing bubbles on your face!

Sol, with a blend of malted barley is great to smell and certainly gives you a hint of the awesome, flavorful taste!

Mexicans prefer drinking their beers ice-cold and without limes! So, people high on life, try it sometimes … have a Sol, skip the lime and party on with the true flavours of SOL!!!
Price – Rs 300 / ml

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