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Modern Sushi Menu at Ai, Saket

Chef Uno introduces his interpretation of modern sushi
“Invented in Japan, Inspired by the world and perfected in Delhi”
Modern Sushi is the evolution of sushi, further defining it by combining different flavors using fresh local ingredients as well as ingredients imported from Tokyo. From fresh ginger bud(Miyoga) to sparkling red chilly from Okinawa(Japan)-ai’s new Master Chef Uno introduces his interpretation of modern sushi.

Chef Uno(new entrant to Chef Saby’s team) who brings with him an extensive and rich repertoire of experience spanning some of the world’s best known restaurants for Modern Japanese Cuisine including Nobu, Japan.
Ai’s Modern Sushi Menu dispels all the old notions about Sushi. With ingredients like bacon, edible flowers, foie gras & camembert, to name a few. Utterly bizarre but impossibly delicious, it’s sushi less ordinary.

Modern Sushi Menu Highlights:
In a gastronomical extravaganza Chef Uno is sure to set your palates ablaze, with its succulent Modern Sushi Menu, a visual feast of mesmerizing displays, and a scintillating ambience to strike the ideal note for a memorable visit.

The highlights of Modern Sushi menu includes Nilgiri Sushi and Maki Sushi.

The vegetarian selection of Nigiri Sushi includes
Pickled Myoga-Ginger Bud( Rs. 199)
Piman Nilgiri with Okinawa Chilly (Rs. 199)
Smoked Tomato & Cheese Nilgiri(Rs. 199)
Enoki Tempura with Gobozuke Nilgiri which includes enoki mushroom & crunch of burdock(Rs. 199)
The non vegetarian selection of the Nilgiri sushi includes
Aburi Salmon Nilgiri-Seared salmon belly, wasabi oil, meldon sea salt priced at (Rs. 299)
Scallop and Karasumi Nilgiri-Hokkaido scallop, salted mullet roe, Salmon roe priced at (Rs. 299) Eel & Camembert Nilgiri( Rs. 299)
Foie Gras Nilgiri(Rs. 319)
Cherry Blossem Smoked Yellowtail(Rs. 299)
Cherry Blossem Smoked Salmon(Rs. 299).
The Maki Sushi selection includes Salmon Expression Roll which includes Perilla leaf, avocado, cream cheese, crab stick (Rs. 499)
Spicy Tuna Special roll which includes Okinawan chilli, Japanese mayonnaise & flying fish caviar priced at (Rs. 499)
Maki Sushi includes Dragon Roll which includes Avocardo, eel, flying fish caviar priced at (Rs. 499)

available on all days at Ai, Saket
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