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Redefining the Fashion Of Food- A.D. Singh

How many times you have seen an Engineer turning into a restaurateur debonair, I can bet, not many times. The chronicle of A.D Singh sounds like a filmy tale where the guy next door turns into the owner of one of India’s swankiest restaurant to dine and party- Olive Bar & Kitchen, in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. He started his career as a manager in Cadbury, and then moved to find his creative calling. After spending more than a decade in the industry, he has positioned ‘Olive’ as a destination which defines the essence of good food and drink in a styled environment. Neha Singh probes him to bring together his success mantras and what keeps him going in the process.

This business was always on your mind or it is just luck by chance? What are the challenges you faced in the beginning?
I think it was my destiny. I stumbled
into it because I have a sweet tooth. Once, I opened my first restaurant I
started loving it. My biggest challenge was the lack of capital. Second was the paucity of real estate.

Before Olive, what use to keep you busy?
Since 1990, I have opened many restaurants, bars and leisure complexes. Just before Olive, my project was the Bowling Company -a large leisure complex that revitalized the spirit of central Mumbai.

What was the inspiration behind Olive?
My inspiration was a lazy laidback restaurant on the beach in Phuket which tempted me to create something similar, back home.

From a fine dining bistro in the past, it has evolved as the ultimate party destination in the present. How will you describe the evolution?
I don’t think that is correct. We have always been a destination
where we offer good food, time, surroundings and much more. It’s a wider experience for our customers and in this we are trendsetters.

Which is the most happening Olive- Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore?
Our Thursday night @ the Olive in Bandra continues to be one of the hottest nights in the country.

How will you categorize Olive Bar & Kitchen in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Olive Beach?
Olive Beach, Delhi is a gourmet destination in the centre of Delhi’s Diplomatic community.
Olive Bar and Kitchen @ the Qutab is one of the most beautiful city restaurants in the world. It redefines restaurants as a complete experience of food, style, art and wine.
Olive Bandra is an institution getting more popular every year.
Olive@ ARC is a charming little oasis in the heart of the urban jungle of Mumbai. Quaint with delicious food, it’s like the hidden gems you find all over Europe.
Olive BEACH in Bangalore is one of the finest restaurants in the country.

Do you think the re-opening of Olive at Mehrauli will effect Olive at Diplomat?
Yes, it will but Delhi is now a very large city with a wide customer base. As such the effect will be small. They have different chefs, different positioning and are located in totally separate areas.

From Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, you suddenly diverted focus to Japanese cuisine, what is the reason behind it?
Contemporary Japanese cuisine is one of the most exciting directions in the world for being both delicious and extremely healthy. Ai like Olive sets very high standards in the food industry.

Do you think special spa lunches, food festivals and special nights, help you gain more customer base?
Of course. It’s always important to be in your customers mind space and to stay fresh. And, it requires a commitment and determination to improve all the time.

In the time of recession, what is your strategy to pull the things?
We have worked hard at tightening costs and improving our product.

What you have to say about your latest venture with Arjun Rampal ‘LAP’? How it is different from other properties?
It’s a product we can take forward internationally. It is a great concept with beautiful looks and very good food.

Whom you considered as your direct competitor?
It’s a big and expanding market. There are several outstanding restaurateurs in India today. I see all of them as a challenger which is good for me as it motivates me to excel further.

How your catering business is doing-Olive mobile kitchen?
The Moving Kitchen is slowly growing. This year we are focusing hard on quality and development. Our main chefs are getting very involved.

What are you future expansion plans?
For now, we wish to focus on consolidating our restaurants and building these further.

Which are the destination apart from Olive and Ai you like to party?

What is the one thing about Olive that sets it apart?
Maybe our warmth.

Do you like to cook?
I can’t really cook

What’s your success mantra?
Hard work and passion

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