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New menu launched at Made in India, Radisson MBD

Made in India is a culinary journey, from the State of Hyderabad with its linkage to the Middle East, to the Vijaynagar Empire and its roots in the Telangana. The mighty Moguls and the aristocratic Nawabs of Avadh and of course the legends of Punjab, help us create a menu as varied as the climate and as exotic as our culinary legacy. Now the new menu at Made In India expands on the core philosophy of ‘Memories and Prophecies’ giving it a whole new dimension. In its new form, the menu retains the essence of the philosophy while adding on to the existing repertoire enhancing our memories and inventing the prophecies and future directions for Indian cuisine.

The revamped menu at Made in India offers a new dining experience…flavors of the long-forgotten cuisines of India, where the menu presents a “delicious departure” from the ordinary. Indian food, best presented in its purest and most authentic form, as was savored by the most royal families across the country with a few piquant touches for the common man. The ever evolving taste of the global and contemporary Indian consumer has been accounted for in our Futuristic section, which mingles western herbs and spices with authentic Indian cooking traditions with delicious results.

Our passionate team of chefs, who believe in absolute perfection, are offering a true feast for all five senses with a range of signature dishes. Like Nukti with jalebi parantha, chadi Jhinga khumb matar ki seekh. Recreating the magic of the blending of spices, our master chefs have carefully handpicked spices and flavors often used in the kitchens of the erstwhile royalties. On the other side of the spectrum delving from the simple home cooking to the ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation, with dishes like chandini dal our chefs have revived a palette that brings in subconscious tastes and leaves you reminiscing for hours on the experience.

The repertoire of our kebabs, main dishes, curries and breads has also expanded. The carefully honed recipes bring in spices and flavors which will take you back into an older era where bespoke cuisine was the hallmark. With 28 kebabs on the menu, and 13 of them vegetarian, presented with refinement and delicacy and a melt-in the mouth experience, this is a ‘must try section’ with the likes of Lucknawi tandoori chaap, khumb ka galouti. The curries include some old favorite recipes like Kareli Roganjosh. Bringing in subtle flavors and new twists, the menu adds in dashes of zest like the Dhania Murg.. Vegetarians are indulged with Khumani Bhare Kofte and Bharwa Gucchi. A special effort has been made with the section on Biryanis adding in many more to the existing menu. Sample from Zafrani Jhinga Tehri, Nizami Mugh Biryani. All this accompanied by breads like the Afghani Naan , Zattar Naan , Rogini Roti and many more

For diners who are looking for home-like food made with less oil and spices, food served in the Desi Khana section definitely stands apart for its very “ma-like” cooking style with dishes like, bhindi masala which raise the bar on home cooking while retaining it’s basic simplicity. The aaloo gobhi ki tahri and dum ka Gobhi masala keep within them the essence of the food philosophy at Made in India while keeping the simplicity of the recipe in place.

Made in India is a culinary journey where diners have access to a unique experience, which brings together the New Age with the Old Age on one table. While we take pride in our traditional Indian cuisine, our master chefs have introduced the “Futuristic cuisine” which marks the evolution of the Indian cuisine as it would be desired by the future palate. While catering to the sensitive palates and aesthetic sensibilities of a progressively demanding public the futuristic cuisine includes Paprika infused chicken tikka, Char grilled Prawns with lemongrass and Kafir lime leaf, Thyme oil marinated fish tikka, Cottage cheese steaks with a hint of basil, Saffron and rosemary mushroom brochette

The end product is pure magic and we welcome you to come and try it all, made for you, right here at Made in India!
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