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Dj REME at Elevate on 1st August

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Dj REME from Mumbai with all the extra beats and sounds just this Saturday .
L 1, Center Stage MallSector 18, Noida, UP 201301
0120 – 4266923
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Retro Night @ Elevate

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Retro Night with NIEL , DJ PRATIKAND on 31st


Fitfh Floor, Centre Stage Mall, Sector 18, NoidaDelhi
0120 4364600‎
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Enjoy Friendship Weekend with DJ ASHISH NAGPAL and DJ MASH on 31st July ,10.30 pm onwards .

F Bar and Lounge
The Ashok,50B, Chanakyapuri
011 26111118
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Refreshing Mocktail recipe

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Fruit Punch
• 1-1/2 Cup orange juice

• 1-1/2 Cup lemon juice

• 2 Cup sugar

• 1 Cup water, boiling

• 1/2 Cup of pineapple juice

• 1 Bottle of ginger ale • Ice cubes as required • Fruit slices for garnishing

Method- Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water and allow it to cool. Pour it in a punch bowl and add the fruit juices to it, mix well. Now add the ginger ale and ice cubes to it. Serve and garnish with fruit slices.

Shirley Temple

• 3 Ounces lime soda

• Dash of grenadine

• 3 Ounces ginger ale

• Maraschino cherry for garnish

Method- Pour lime soda and ginger ale into a Collins glass containing ice cubes and add a dash of grenadine to it. Sir and garnish with the maraschino cherry.

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Pies and tarts at Sidewalk

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Relish mouth watering mix of sweet and savoury pies, made from fresh and natural ingredients.

Sidewalk, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Ring Road, Bhikaji Cama Place.

Tel: 26791234.
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Retro music at Manre

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Get the dose of retro music with DJ Vishal.

Manre, MGF Metropolitan Mall, 4th Floor, Saket.

Tel: 40668888.
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Know hookah history.

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Hookah was originated in north western provinces of India along the border of Pakistan in Rajasthan and Gujarat nearly a millennia back. These hookahs were usually made from a coconut shell base and tube with a head attached. These simple and ancient hookahs were primarily designed to smoke opium, and hashish.

The hookah made its way through the Persian Kingdom, which also included Pakistan, Afghanistan, much of Middle Asia and Arab parts of Northern Africa and acquired tombeik on its way through Persia.

500 years ago, when the hookah made its way into Turkey it undergo a surge of popularity among the upper class and intellectuals and led to change in the design. They grew in size and complexity and became similar to designs that we are more familiar with today. Brass and glass were added to the design and less wood was used, beautiful paintings were added for beauty and elegance.

The popularity grew into hookah coffee shops in Turk society two to three centuries ago. A hookah bar waiter was treated similar to a chef because of the preparation for hookah smoking. The packing and moisture was a skill, and it was considered rude to touch the coals. Hookah smoking migrated south into the Arab world from Turkey to Lebanon and Syria.

It was then spread to Egypt and Morocco where it is known as sheesha. It is also know as the hubble bubble in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Today, hookah bars are social places where many people get together to discuss politics and local events. In Delhi there are many places serving hookah and these hookah joints are quite popular among the youngsters. Flavors like Mint, Chocolate, apple etc are available. The hookah is no more considered a social taboo.

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